April 26, 2009

Is This Your Luggage?

Lately I’ve been working a lot on very technical stuff around OpenZoom. I desperately needed a break. Then I stumbled upon Is This Your Luggage and I instantaneously fell in love with the site. But then I asked myself…

Wouldn’t this be even more awesome using zooming?

Here we are, a couple of hours later. I’ve ripped apart the original site and put it together again but this time in a zooming environment. One nice side-effect has been that I’ve found a couple of rough edges in the OpenZoom SDK API that I was able to improve due this quick real-world check. Alright, enough talked, check it out!

Remix: Is This Your Luggage

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Disclaimer: This is nothing but a showcase for what you can do with zooming & OpenZoom. If you liked this, please give proper respect to the author and visit the original site.


This is supposed to demonstrate a bit what kind of experiences you can build with the OpenZoom SDK. It doesn’t always have to be high-resolution images and a boring layout. Hope you enjoy it. ;)

Copyright: All Artwork & Content Copyright 2009, Is This Your Luggage.